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29 Mar 2022

Uruguayan fruit importer shares opinion on an innovative ripening system

With this title an article appeared on in March 2022. As it’s about EcoTop ripening systems, we ‘d like to share one of our latest collaborations.

A fruit importing company from Uruguay expressed it’s satisfaction with the results obtained after the installation of Cold Energy Ecotop ripening systems. It has only been 4 months since the EcoTop ripening rooms have been installed, but the first results are already being seen:

“The most important thing that our customers noticed is that the fruit now lasts 48 to 60 hours longer than with traditional ripening processes. What has changed is how the fruit ripens. You can see the change in the color that the banana takes once it ripens, it acquires a much brighter color. “

Curious to read more? Find the full article below:

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