Quick service and maintenance, with or without local back-up

Our service doesn’t stop at your door. You can count on us for maintenance, repair and spare parts. A motivated support team is ready to help you with your inquiry.

Emergency repair?

Get in contact with one of us now.

Spare parts

Every door needs maintenance and unfortunately some need a repair. We’re ready to start and support when you need spare panels or replacement parts. Sometimes we are on the other side of the world, sometimes we are very close by, but we promise to answer your inquiry within 24 hours.


We assure you, we have seen worse! We can directly help you (or your local supplier) by sending replacement parts or we can allocate a team of specialized engineers for immediate action.

Preventative maintenance

Sustainable operation of your doors now and in the future. Via single time service or regular planned service visits, we increase uptime of your operations and prevent intermediate breakdowns occur. With our own service engineers or in close collaboration with your local door company, we provide you optimal service for controlling your spaces.