Mobile Precool Unit cooling berries straight from the field

3 Jun 2022

Rapid cooling down of blueberries straight from the fields of Serbia

Blueberries are sensitive fruits. They therefore should be harvested (almost) ripe as the quality quickly decreases after harvest. If the temperature of the blueberries at the moment of harvest is high, precooling is necessary to bring them to the optimum storage temperature as quick as possible. That’s why Serbian berry exporter Berry4U makes use of the Mobile Precool Unit, reducing the cooling time up to 75%.

Serbia is a country with a lot of fertile, quality land. When harvesting in 25 degrees Celsius, the berries need to be cooled down to an ideal storage temperature as fast as possible. The Mobile Precool Unit distributes the cool air from Berry4U’s own cold store efficiently through the pallets and boxes, making sure the berries cool down. This results in more flexibility for the exporter and longer shelf life berries for the buyers.

Berry4U started using our Mobile Precool Unit in 2020.

“It has proved itself as very useful in our cooler storage, by seriously decreasing the time needed to cool down fresh blue berries and giving us the possibility to load and depart trucks with no delay” – Dejan Stajic, Founder and Owner of Berry4U

Berries from Serbia with love
The future of Serbian berry fruits looks bright. Blue berries from Serbia are enjoying increasing popularity according to an article published on FreshPlaza . It turned out that blueberries, like other berry fruits, thrive on their soil. Their berries are exported to Dubai via European countries such as NL, Germany and Belgium. To grow and sell worldwide, berries need to be cooled down thoughtfully.

“Buyers were pleased about the increased shelf life of the berries” – Dejan Stajic


Moveable makes flexible
Sometimes you harvest a lot, sometimes you don’t. Flexibility in terms of precooling is therefore required. The Mobile Precool Unit can handle up to two rows to a maximum of 24 pallets. It’s easy to use by pulling the tarp over the fresh produce. Hello extended shelf life!

Mobile Precool Unit

✔︎ Moveable precooler for rapidly cooling down (soft)fruits and vegetables ✔︎ Reduction of cooling time up to 75% ✔︎ Reduce weight loss and extend shelf life

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