Roll Doors

Gastight sec 1

For internal
and external


Speed roll 2

safety devices

Speed roll 3

Available for
cooling and


  • Composite or aluminum anodized side guides.
  • Wind proof Class 2 (up to 10 Beaufort / 120 km/hour).
  • Bottom safety edge device by optical sensors.
  • Fixed photocell protection on the daylight side (light curtain).
  • Cover for roll and motor can be supplied.
  • Frequency controlled door motor.


  • Pull cord switch.
  • Remote control by receiver and transmitter.
  • Radar movement detector.
  • Loop detector.

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About this product

Speed roll doors are fast moving doors for universal internal and external applications. The perfect solution for use as partition, for climate control and for improving the internal work flow. The doors are provided with self-supporting tracks with modular design. Speed roll doors are available for various applications, such as the food industry, cooling areas, pharmacy, laboratories and clean rooms.

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