EcoTop tWin

Speed roll 3

Suitable for 1, 2 and 3-tier rooms

Ecotop 2

Fans can be switched-off during partial loading

Ecotop 3

Energy efficient with fans in 180° rotating frames

List of components

  • Room interior including part-loading boards
  • Gastight doors
  • Fresh air ventilation system
  • Ethylene gassing system
  • Control system including temperature sensors and electrical switch boards
  • LED illumination
  • Racking systems
  • Cladding and anchors for curbing
  • Installation, supervision or turn-key projects

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About EcoTop tWin

The coolers mounted in the centre of the ripening room, ensure the air is blown crosswise to both left and right. This means the air will pass the fresh produce directly and will be absorbed by the coolers in the middle of the room. Similar to the Turn System, the Twin system boasts the air in two directions. The ventilators of the Twin system are rotated 180 degrees inside the cooler, resulting in optimum energy cost saving.

It’s suitable for 1,2 and 3 tier rooms. Our smart designed movable part-load boards give full flexibility in part-loaded rooms. Several covering methods can be chosen, such as airbags and side curtains.

Reversible airflow

Air is blown crosswise to ensure equal airflow and ripening results. By rotating the fans 180 degrees inside the cooler, the fan is used most efficient.


Suitable for all types of pallets, boxes and part-loaded rooms.  Available for moveable part-load boards.


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