EcoTop Turn

Mobile 3

Reversible airflows
resulting in optimum fruit quality

Sec overhead 1

Suitable for part-loaded rooms and moveable part-load boards

Dual flex 2

Energy efficient fans in rotating frame

List of components

  • Room interior including side curtains and part-loading boards
  • Gastight doors
  • Fresh air ventilation system
  • Ethylene gassing system
  • Control system including temperature sensors and electrical switch boards
  • Racking systems
  • LED illumination
  • Cladding and anchors for curbing
  • Installation, supervision or turn-key projects

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About Ecotop Turn

EcoTop Turn is our state of the art system. This system swaps the airflow direction. Not by rotating the direction of the fans, but by rotating the frames in which the fans are mounted. With fans always running in the most efficient direction, optimal airflow and lower energy consumption is guaranteed.

Side curtains ensure the right air guidance in the room. Air is either blown out along the sides or through an opening in the middle of the room (reversible directions). Suitable for all types of pallets, dimensions and part loaded rooms. For 1 and 2 tier rooms. Local cooling system is required.


Our smart designed moveable part-load board gives full flexibility in part-loaded rooms.

Energy efficient

Fans can be adjusted to required stage of ripening resulting in low energy consumption.

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