EcoTop Tarp

Gastight panel 1

Easy construction

Gastight panel 3

Suitable for all sorts of pallets, dimensions and part loaded-rooms

Ecotop 3

Low energy consumption and equal temperature

List of components

  • Electrically operated tarps
  • Gastight doors
  • Fresh air ventilation
  • Ethylene gassing system
  • Racking systems
  • Side-bumpers and illumination
  • Process control
  • Installation, supervision or turn-key projects

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About Ecotop Tarp

EcoTop Tarp is especially designed for pre-cooling and ripening via an innovative tarp system. The cooler, mounted in the rear of the room, blows the cooled air over the pallets covered by the tarp. The air enters the boxes at the side and returns to the suction wall though the middle lane. In this empty space behind the suction wall, the air will be returned through the cooler and will be blown again over the produce. Ensuring equal temperatures and maximum fruit quality.

It’s a simple and easy to be constructed system that is suitable for all sorts of pallets, box types and part-loaded rooms, 1 and 2 tier rooms. Local cooling system is required. The efficient airflow makes this system highly energy efficient.

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