Global Berry Congress 2023

Rotterdam - NL, 28 Nov 2023

Get Ready for the Global Berry Congress in Rotterdam this Winter

With talks and discussions about the emerging markets, the ever growing impact of climate change on berry production, the future role of artificial intelligence shaping the industry, sustainability and new supply and we are looking forward to learn from the industry challenges and have the opportunity to (re)connect with the industry insiders and newcomers alike.

That’s not all. We will showcase our Mobile Precool Unit, – one of our innovative solutions to rapidly cool down berries and delicate fruits. During the congress we will be offering live demonstrations of the Mobile Precool Unit. And here’s the cherry on top: for those who want to see how this solution can work its magic in their own facilities, we have a nifty AR gadget that provides a virtual preview.

Want to know more already? Feel free to reach out to us with a message, or read more in our use case below.

Reducing cooling time of berries up to 75%

High temperatures when harvesting blueberries? Pre-cooling is necessary to bring them to the optimum storage temperature as quickly as possible. Serbian berry exporter Berry4U used our Mobile Precool Unit, reducing the cooling time up to 75%.  Hello, extended shelf life!

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