Gas-tight ripening room doors

Our sectional gas-tight ripening room doors are available for single tier, double tier and triple tier ripening rooms.

The doors are available in 40 mm or 80 mm panel thickness and are provided with galvanized steel side- and intermediate hinges. The smooth running of the door is ensured by the use of double rollers which improves the adjustment of the panels. To reach optimum gas-tightness, the doors are provided with a three flap gaskets around the door perimeter and special joint seals between the panels.

The three flap gasket is attached to our special designed door track which is completely self supporting. With our special designed track system there is no necessity of additional door framing constructions, a capping surrounding the clear cut door opening is sufficient in most cases.

Our doors are provided with standard fixing materials and with a pre-assembled spring systems.

The sectional doors are standard provided with a double acrylic window which doubles as emergence escape. The operation of the doors can be manual or electrical. All doors are provided with the latest and necessary safety features. A variety of standard colors is available, when required we can coat the doors in any special color, up to your whish.